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Who among us made "get organized" your resolution for 2021?! Talk about some pressure!
Well, I am here to reassure you that the key is to start small! Don't feel like you need to tackle your entire house, or even an entire room to feel successful in your organizing goals. If you start with small projects - your bathroom vanity, kitchen junk drawer, or even your car - you will see your progress and will be more likely to tackle the next project! I find that individual drawers and cabinets seem very manageable and having those organized can be life-changing. In most cases, clutter begins in these spots and then takes over once they start to spill out.
As you consider where to start, let's have a moment of truth with each other:
Who else gets inspired by something you see on Instagram or Pinterest or buys everything at the Container Store, only to be left with lots of boxes and unused storage contains? I am raising my hand, and promise those can still be used! 
Part of the process is realizing what organization style works best for you. My favorite hack: GROUPINGS.
It is simple, just start by arranging ALL of the items into categories. It makes it easier to pare down your items, too. You can continually edit, toss, and repurpose items by simply placing them out in plain sight. Once I have my groups laid out, I like to store similar items in my Windy O'Connor Good Vibes bags. I use them for anything and everything. I fill them cosmetics, travel size items, art supplies, receipts, and chargers. You can purchase small and large bags on our website, or use my hack with your own bags you have lying around the house! 
Here a few of my favorite products that combine both form & function as you plan your 2021 projects. 



 Crate & Barrel Sedona Honey Rectangular Tote




Container Store Feathergrain Wooden Storage Bins with Handles



1801andco (ETSY) Acrylic Weekly Calendar Board



The Home Edit Silicone Hair Tool Holder


Windy O' Connor Large "Good Vibes" Bag 



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