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This year and every year, I hope we all take some time over Memorial Day Weekend to honor the special people in our lives who died serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. As we hold their service and sacrifice in the highest regard, please keep their friends and families in your thoughts as they honor their loved ones’ memory.

Sara Sugarman the CEO/Founder of Lulu and Georgia serves as an incredible example of honoring past generations.

"Lulu and Georgia is actually named after my grandfather, Lou, and my father, George." - Sara Sugarman 

With the arrival of Memorial Day Weekend, we officially usher in my most favorite season: Outdoor Living season! As you prepare, I wanted to make sure you knew about some amazing deals through one my favorite home decor companies: Lulu & Georgia. Below are some links to not to be missed items, complemented by some of our beautiful pillows! Alap there are some great deals to access through May 26th, too!

  • 15% off $500+ with code MDW15
  • 20% off $1000+ with code MDW20
  • 25% off $1500+ with code MDW25 

Lulu and Georgia // Clarabelle Indoor/Outdoor Stool 

Lulu and Georgia // Ylva Indoor/Outdoor Dining Chair

Windy O'Connor // Pods-Clay Pillow 

Lulu and Georgia // Shii Side Table 

Windy O'Connor // Surf's Up Pillow

Lulu and Georgia  // Sabine Velvet Bolster Pillow

Lulu and Georgia // Elodie Indoor/Outdoor Accent Chair 

Windy O'Connor // Cherry Blossom-Sky 

Ballard Design // Outdoor Mushroom Statues 


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