You are my favorite part of 2020.

As we bid a fond farewell to 2020, I cannot help but reflect on all of the things that I am grateful for this year and all of the hardships and sadness that has been shared by all. I am not unique in expressing the stress and fears that I experienced this year. We were truly all connected by common threads while living in the most divisive of times. Finding joy and gratitude in every aspect of life has been my priority this year and looking back it has also been a life preserver.

I am immensely thankful for my family, friends, and supporters like you. Though I have not seen people in person as frequently as I would like, I found comfort knowing that we could connect through calls, stories, and pictures.

I am thankful for every connection and moment of creativity; it brings me such joy to know how you experience life. I am grateful for new ideas and concepts. I cherish my dear friends, both old and new. Focusing on gratitude has helped me channel the stressful energy of this year into creative energy. That is the healing and beautiful power of art.

Your questions inspired me to share videos of my painting adventures at the beach this spring. Your support spurred me to explore some really fun and exciting projects this summer. And your love left me creating in to the holiday season in a whole new way!

I am thankful for my wonderful team, who has allowed me to pursue these projects and grow as an artist and a business! They answer your questions, think about your design ideas, and produce beautiful products for your home.

And most of all, I am incredibly thankful to all my wonderful clients. Even on the toughest days, your love and support keep me standing at the easel and developing new products.

I am so hopeful for what 2021 holds for us and cannot wait to connect with you in the new year.


Photography by Erin Comerford

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