“Hemera” Chica goddess of the day

“Hemera” Chica goddess of the day

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Hemera is the Greek goddess of the day.  No, literally! She is the goddess of daylight and  daytime. 

Light has always been a universal symbol of life, wisdom, truth, positivity, and goodness. This chica seeks light and embodies it but, she does so because of the darkness. To have light, there must be darkness.

Her life is far from perfect but she understands that the key to her joy is seeking the silver linings. She focuses on her spirituality, her friendships, her family, and the things that bring her joy.

She sometimes struggles with feelings of insecurity and sadness. She needs the time to just retreat. Having some alone time in those times of frustration and self doubt is something that she requires to feel more centered and lite. There must be some darkness in life for the light to shine brighter and Hemera embraces just that. 
She is the Chica goddess of the day. 24 x 18 mix media on canvas.

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