"Love Thy Neighbor" Art Release (2021)

"Love Thy Neighbor" Art Release opened on Saturday, March 13 at 9:00 am (EST). All 15 original Chicas sold out within minutes — thank you!

This collection features original Chica paintings created by Windy O'Connor.

In March 2021, Windy previewed the "Love They Neighbor" series on @windyoconnorofficial. Feeling the continued separation from friends, family, and yes, neighbors, Windy created a collection of Chicas inspired by the neighbors we all know and come to love. Windy explained that in a world where technology rules and people are asked to stay distanced in person, we may feel slightly more connected online but we are actually more separated physically and emotionally. It now seems so much easier to focus on ourselves, finding fewer excuses to engage in-person, we lose basic social skills like making eye contact and showing kindness to other.

This series is about embracing our human nature to interact and once again find the beauty and healing that comes from caring for and loving our neighbors. And, because we are spending more time at home, we pulled some inspiration for the Chica names from popular paint color names...may these Chicas bring brightness and joy to your life, as you find when you "Love Thy Neighbor". Love heals... art heals!

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