Better Together - 30" x 48"

Better Together - 30" x 48"

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Welcome to the world of "Better Together"! Measuring 30" x 48" on canvas, holds a heartfelt message of unity and connection. 

"Better Together" is an exploration of the harmonious dance between various shapes and forms. The abstract elements come together to form a captivating and meaningful narrative, illustrating the strength found in unity and the beauty of embracing differences.

I sought to convey the essence of unity and the profound impact of genuine connections. The chicas' embrace serves as a reminder of the importance of supporting one another, standing strong together, and finding strength in shared experiences.

This artwork serves as an uplifting and inspiring addition to any space, resonating with those who appreciate the beauty of human connections. "Better Together" is a visual reminder that we are stronger when we come together, embracing our uniqueness while finding comfort and support in the company of others.

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