"Casa Blanca" Chica - Original Art
"Casa Blanca" Chica - Original Art

"Casa Blanca" Chica - Original Art

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Without a doubt her home is perfection, order and style. Everyone secretly hopes for a tour of her beautifully polished abode, but you settle for seeing the professional photos in the next design magazine. She has small children but, there is not a plastic toy in sight! She prides herself on knowing just the right white or gray to put on any wall, and she has the paint can collection to prove it. She is timeless and has fabulous taste! She may be a little OCD but she uses that as her gift! She is "Casa Blanca" Chica.

Artwork measures 14" x 11" on watercolor paper with ink. Original art created and signed by Windy O'Connor. Finished in a wooden frame, this Chica is ready to hang in your home!

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