"Green Thumb" Chica - Original Art
"Green Thumb" Chica - Original Art

"Green Thumb" Chica - Original Art

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No need to escape to the Amazon when she lives next door, just venture to her yard and you'll find tons to explore. With towering trees all pruned just so, you enter her oasis and begin to just glow. Her garden is a lesson in horticulture magic! Laughter abounds as you sit in the shade, you forget for a moment that your bed is unmade. She’s calming, and breezy, and leaves you rejuvenated, she’s “Green Thumb” Chica.

Artwork measures 14" x 11" on watercolor paper with ink. Original art created and signed by Windy O'Connor. Finished in a wooden frame, this Chica is ready to hang in your home!

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