Katie Mae Chica - 36" x 48"

Katie Mae Chica - 36" x 48"

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Introducing "Katie Mae Chica"! Measuring 36" x 48" The inspiration behind this piece is the soulful essence of a timeless melody.

"Katie Mae Chica" is a celebration of the artistry and the profound connection that music can evoke. It's a visual symphony that transcends the boundaries of sound and art, inviting you to embrace the beauty of expressive creation.

As you immerse yourself in "Katie Mae Chica," you'll find a sense of connection to the essence of the melody. The artwork sparks emotions and ignites the imagination, offering a glimpse into the captivating realm of the Chica's soulful presence.

May "Katie Mae Chica" become a mesmerizing addition to your space, evoking conversations and enchanting those who lay eyes upon it. Let its expressive mark making and vibrant colors transport you to a world of melody and artistry, where the Chica embodies the soul of music, and the canvas vibrates with the power of artistic expression.

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