Sasha Fierce Chica - Grasscloth Print

Sasha Fierce Chica - Grasscloth Print

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Sasha Fierce has super powers. She can stomp out evil with the toe of her heeled t-strap. She sashays and shantays without trying. She can run errands in heels and not skip a beat.  She shines bright like a diamond and glows from the inside. She owns who she is and speaks her brilliant mind without apologizing for her strength. She is Sasha Fierce!

Sasha Fierce Chica printed on 34" x 34" pearlized grasscloth; signed by Windy O'Connor.

While sending this beauty to the printer, Windy had the bright idea to print her art on grasscloth instead! Now her prints have taken on a new life! The prints are printed with high quality inks and you have the option of framing her with or without glass. The options are endless! 


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