She’s Over 2020 Chica - Original Art

She’s Over 2020 Chica - Original Art

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“She’s Over 2020” says it all! She tries to stay hopeful but anther hurricane is coming! Wait! There are more fires?! Oh! Wait! Now my kids have COVID. My husband is home working and that means more clean up and cooking-in which means more cleaning and I can’t even talk about the kids learning virtually! I can’t! Bring it on 2021 or should we just skip on over to 2022? She is definitely over 2020. 

Original hand-painted mixed media on 36x36" canvas, created and signed by Windy O'Connor.  This creation is offered exclusively at the Wexel Art showroom during Fall 2020 High Point Market or for purchase on the Windy O'Connor website.

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