"Have Mercy"

"Have Mercy"

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“Have Mercy” was born out of pain and a desire to never forget the murder of  George Floyd by law enforcement. Mr. Floyd died May 25 after a Minneapolis police officer pressed his knee on his neck for 9 minutes while he was handcuffed on the ground, begging for his life. Begging for breath!  
This work represents pain, frustration, and a desire for justice and healing. It is a prayer. A prayer for Mr Floyd, the end of racism, the opening of hearts and the healing of old wounds. I pray that there is not a child left in this country that is afraid to live,breathe, run, or walk in their neighborhood. I pray that I never again see someone begging for his or her life and that we can see one another the way that God sees us. This is a prayer that my friends in the African American community feel the love we are sending their way. May we love and care for one another without judgement- PERIOD! We are all children of God. Let’s not forget and have mercy, give grace and show LOVE! 

16x20 print Epson Matte paper. Proceeds will go to Running Works Charlotte assisting individuals experiencing homelessness and poverty. 


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