Teenage Dream 18" x 24"
Teenage Dream 18" x 24"
Teenage Dream 18" x 24"

Teenage Dream 18" x 24"

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As I set out to create "Teenage Dream," my intention was to capture that elusive quality of a dreamy state that often defines the teenage years. Those aqua eyes, so full of life, seemed to hold the very essence of daydreams and aspirations, echoing the deep mysteries of the ocean's depths. The passionate red of the lips, on the other hand, spoke to me of the intensity that often characterizes this phase of life.

What I wanted to convey with this piece were those fleeting moments of teenagehood, where innocence mingles with curiosity and a burgeoning need for self-expression. The stark contrast between the aqua eyes and the fiery lips is a reflection of the myriad of emotions that teenagers experience during this transformative period. 

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