Machina  18" x 24"
Machina  18" x 24"
Machina  18" x 24"

Machina 18" x 24"

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"Machina is like a glimpse into the world where I think most of us spend quite a bit of our time these days—online! You know how we're all kind of glued to our screens, scrolling, connecting, but sometimes getting lost in it all? I wanted to capture the mood of the artwork - moody and introspective.

The two contrasting sides of our mental state —it's like our real selves and the digital versions we sometimes become, one where the inner voice scrutinizes everything we post, look at and feel. It's almost like a reflection of how we navigate between the light and the shadows in this virtual space.

'Machina' takes you into that space where the line between the real and the digital blurs a little. It's got that vibe where you're drawn in but also a bit wary, just like how we approach our online lives. I guess it's sort of a reminder to keep that balance, to not get lost in the shadows of social media. Yeah, that's 'Machina' for me."

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