At the Pier 18" x 24"
At the Pier 18" x 24"
At the Pier 18" x 24"

At the Pier 18" x 24"

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"At the Pier" My vision was to encapsulate the essence of a serene day spent by the water's edge. The abstract interplay of shapes and colors i wanted to portray a pier scene, while subtly reminding us of the carefree spirit of coastal life.

At the heart of the piece lies a singular, all-seeing eye. This eye is symbolizing a watchful observer, whether this is what lies below or the ocean itself is up to you to interpret. 

This piece invites you to step onto that pier, to let the eye guide your contemplation, and to immerse yourself in the shifting tides of interpretation. "At the Pier" is an exploration of the meeting point between the familiar and the unknown, a reflection of the dual nature of coastal life, and an abstract journey into the soul of the sea.

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