Gaia 18" x 24"
Gaia 18" x 24"
Gaia 18" x 24"

Gaia 18" x 24"

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In "Gaia," I wanted to capture the enduring strength and resilience that women embody, drawing inspiration from the ancient goddess herself. The fluid blue lines woven through the artwork evoke the gentle flow of water and the subtle shifts in the Earth's crust—symbols of the intricate layers that define a woman's identity.

Just as Gaia was both a nurturer and a powerful force of nature, this artwork reflects the dual nature of women: tender yet unyielding, serene yet strong. The blue lines represent not only the connection to Earth's forces but also the depths of inner strength that women possess.

With "Gaia," I invite you to witness the powerful undercurrents that run through every woman's journey. It's a tribute to the resilience and adaptability that women carry, much like the Earth itself. This piece celebrates the harmony of our strength and connection, reminding us that we, too, possess the serenity and power that echo the spirit of the ancient goddess.

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