Dreaming Chica — Fabric

Dreaming Chica — Fabric

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All Chica fabric is available for purchase per Chica face for $125.00 each, which is a 24"x24" cut fabric. You can also order a pair of Chica faces, of the same Chica design, for $200.00 for the pair, which would be a 48"x48" cut of fabric. Chica face quantities can be adjusted on the product page or once added to cart. Minimum order is 1 face. Swatches are available in all fabrics but must be custom ordered if that particular fabric is not stocked. 

If you are ordering for window treatments, please email info@windyoconnor.com so we can adjust the repeat size. 

If you are trying to color match a sample, you must order a strike off of your design on the desired fabric. Windy O'Connor Art and Home is not responsible for variances in digital printing on different fabrics and will not issue refunds if a strike off was not ordered to match. Please email info@windyoconnor.com for more information. 

Estimated lead time 4–6 weeks depending on stock.

All patterns are custom designed and are the property of Windy O'Connor and cannot be replicated or reproduced without her express permission.

Wholesale pricing also available.

Due to all fabric being custom made to order, there are No Returns.

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