Venice Beach 18" x 24"
Venice Beach 18" x 24"
Venice Beach 18" x 24"

Venice Beach 18" x 24"

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"Venice Beach" is like a visual journey to that super famous spot on the California coast. I painted here with super bright and fluorescent colors to try and capture the whole vibe of the place. You know how Venice Beach is all about that free-spirited, bohemian feel! 

Think of the funky boardwalk, the artsy characters, and the whole unique scene that makes Venice Beach what it is. Those fluorescent colors? They're like a shout-out to the creativity and carefree spirit that's all over the place there.

With "Venice Beach," I wanted to show off that free-thinking, artistic lifestyle that's such a big part of the area. The fluorescent colors sort of mimic the diverse and lively vibes that you'll find around the beach. It's like catching a glimpse of the way art, culture, and the ocean vibe all come together in a really colorful way.

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